A taste of afternoon tea

by Roisa

One Friday the class did a lovely trip to Tarrytown, where we also enjoyed a nice cup of tea. The small, charming city have a touch of earlier sheen, and gives visitors a feeling of the good, old days.

In an old fashion teashop a family from India had their Afternoon tea, as some probably have had for centuries. Afternoon tea is a very British tradition of a small meal served with bread, jam, small cakes, and, of course tea.

The first European settlers in Tarrytown were Dutch farmers, but it soon became part of the British territory, in 1674. Before the European settlement, native Americans lived in the area and fished in Hudson river. Tarrytown is located by the river, and some half an hour on the metro north from Manhatten. That makes the litle town popular for people working in the City. According to Wikipedia in 2014 Tarrytown was ranked second in the list of the top 10 places to live in New York.

With small shops looking old fashion Tarrytown appear to be a peaceful place outside a bigger city. As many smaller cities in U.S. with bigger shopping malls outside, Tarrytown now is a place for afternoon tea, coffee shops, yarn shops and antiques. A small place worth a visit.


My Heart in Tarrytown


By Adem Kefelioglu



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I’ve been living in New York since 2015. The first time I went to a farm in the U.S. When we got there I asked a question to myself why haven’t I discovered another face of New York so far? Before we went there I was not supposed to see such a great place because the farm is not far away from Manhattan. We usually see towers, hectic life, cars, air pollution, and things like that. I thought rural people are like urban people. But I see, so that it was different than I thought.

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I paid attention to the environment. I saw many kinds of animals. Caws were eating grass, sheep and turkeys were playing with each other. I felt like myself in my village because my family used to have animals like these; that’s why, I like to go to farms. The farm was well organized among organic foods and animals. They produce their own foods and sell them to people. It is a good opportunity to make business. Currently, cancer is being increased by non-organic food. Therefore, people are looking for organic food which provides them healthier life. I was also interested in the people of Tarrytown act like they seem happier than other people who live in the city. In my opinion, they don’t carry stress on their shoulders. Farmers just care about their animals and products; that’s why, they are happier.

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We also visited such a great castle which is located in a spectacular place. I had never seen a castle before in the U.S. It is built in European style which I liked. You can see American and European architectural style when you look at the castle.The castle also has a beautiful garden, and we took the long path way among forest and beautiful private houses. We saw like water tower, it has been made to bring clean water to the city, which interested me.

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I experienced new things and new places. I always consider about if someone comes from Turkey Where I am going to bring them. Finally I found my places. I also spent time outside with my classmates. I wish we could do it again.

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MET NEW YORK – Tarrytown



                                                                                                                         by Melody

          I am a girl who likes to take photos of corners of the world and had never tried to take trips during classes. Sometimes I enjoy staying at home, sometimes I prefer to go on trips. It is thought that everyone had an amazing trip no matter who they traveled with or where they traveled to; all of the amazing parts are based on the meaning of the trip without making plans before traveled. tarry-8

          Unbelievable, oral classes were interesting by the trips; last Friday teacher and my classmates were traveled a peaceful place named Tarrytown. img_7483I would like to say that it was a enjoyable and memorable time. Though I was almost missed the train, I was not too late to miss any of the sceneries.  As we arrived, teacher asked if someone knows the tree near us. It is the oldest oak; this village was famous for it. The maple in the picture is the one Dennis gave me. Later, we were separated into 3 groups; we followed teacher’s advice to go anywhere in Main St.

img_7494The first place that I visited called “Warner Library”. And I just looked around. For me, it seems like the same library as others. Peaceful and relaxable are the feature of libraries. To be honest, I was not interested in, especially the furnace. It is modern and expresses a sense of history. Nevertheless, some of us had a cup of tea, some of us had an ice cream, others got the coffee. These things are  from different restaurants and popular in Greenburgh.


          Mount Pleasant is not too huge; however, it is the one of my favorite img_7569places in this trip. When I was 3, I lived in Nei MengGu, which is the biggest grassland I have gone, everything in there I love so much as my value memory. The fresh air I breathed, the milk I drank, the people I met, even the grass I touched. Therefore, the Mount Pleasant made me relax.

          DROP-OFF FOR HAY BARN, SILOS, BLUE HILL RESTAURANT, BLUE HILL CAFE, STONE BARN OFFICE  That was the sign I saw in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.IMG_7573.JPG

          In the front of Irvington Middle School, we learned the story of RIP VAN WINKLE.

The Tarrytown ^O^


      image Last Friday, our teacher took us to an amazing farm called Tarrytown and we had a lot of fun but there was an accident in my amazing trip. I was late and almost missed the train. Before the trip day, our teacher told us that we were going to meet at the golden clock at 42 street, but I was late because I took the wrong way train, at that time all I could do was pray I would not be too late. When we get off the six train, it was just have three minutes before our train move away. Melody and I run to buy the ticket. Also we were so lucky. We caught the train at the last 1 minute. We all felt very happy because that we didn’t miss the chance to go to trip with our big group.

unnamed       On the way to the town, we saw a very beautiful view that’s not like New York where is very crowded. It’s kinds of peaceful. The experience that late and caught the train at the last one minutes makes me felt that was just like our life. Nobody’s life is perfect. We can’t just care of the consequence,actually The scenery of our life is also beautiful. At that times I forget every terrible things what just happen, all I want to do is enjoy this beautiful view.

       unnamed45 minutes latter we arrived to Tarry town, I saw my teacher were talked about the history of this beautiful town. Then he took us to the Main streets. Teacher said that the Main streets in this town is just like New York’s Broadway, after that he invited us some beautiful place, then he gave us 30 minutes looked around with our group. I tried the most delicious ice cream that I never ate before. Also we visited a beautiful church called “FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH”  for some reason we couldn’t go inside but the thing what compensate me is thwechatimg14e golden tree which makes me felt that autumn was really coming. Finally we leave this beautiful to the farm.

      In this beautiful farm I saw a lots of cow and took picture with them. The environment was good, the air what we breathe was clean. I was thought about that why our country can’t have good environment like this? Just wechatimg36because our country is developing so we can destroy the gift what earth gave us ?We cute down the trees to build companies, but if we keep wasting of the gift what earth gave us, what we going to do next? Those question keep appear in my head, that made me want to try my best to protect this good environment. We all felt relax in this farm.

       wechatimg27 Finally, we moved to a pretty castle, this is the place that I really like. However teacher told us a story. In the early of the century the train was private, they just work for rich people to translate something. We stay right there for a little and took picture to each other.  That was really beautiful castle. If I can, I really want to stay there forever.

In the end, we have to go home and we began the trip about wechatimg26catching the train because by the time we leaving the train just have 5 minuets to leave. We run and finally caught the train. Everyone was tired but happy. We did the thing that we couldn’t. We caught the train! Although the trip was tired, but it was still unforgettable.







On 2016 September 17, we had a fortunate opportunity
offered by our kindly teacher, Fiore Sireci, having
a relaxing time to travel to a suburb which is not
too far from New York City. We took a train from
Grand Central Station at 12:58 pm Track 36 heading
to Tarrytown, the residential zone that used to be
the place where the Dutch lived.


At the center of town, the teacher told that there is a famous intersection like Times Square in New York City but it looks totally different in my mind. It consists of contemporary buildings which are only two or three stories. It looks clean and peaceful there, attracting me to live in that town. There are also many cutely decorated shops such ice-cream shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. By walking around, I saw a lot of houses and banks in this town which do not look similar. They have more green areas around buildings and different styles from the capital city. We had so much fun looking around this town while we waited for a car to go to Stone Barns Farm.


We got off at the entrance of Stone Barns Farm. It looks like the place that I have seen in the movies before. everyone walked into the farm and looked around, took a lot of photos, and enjoyed some organic smell. We stopped at the church where there was a little wooden shop selling organic food and organic drinks. At that time they had a wedding ceremony. Everyone was wearing a formal suit. It made me think of my country about the place like this. After we finished our food, we headed to the place that the teacher called “small castle” by car and we used pipe way walking back to town for Rip Van Winkle’s statue who got time teleported to a future era.


– The End –

The Trip To Tarrytown


by Jack(Yuming Xie)

Last Friday we traveled to Tarrytown. And it was a good experience for me; Tarrytown is a beautiful and quiet place. When I walked on the road, I felt so relaxed. And I looked at so many beautiful buildings in Tarrytown.There are some beautiful buildings that I took some pictures of.


At first, I went to the library here with my friends, and that library is so big and beautiful. When I went into it, I felt so quiet because all the people were both reading books or newspapers and keeping quiet consciously.I liked doing anything in this environment, and I looked at so many books in that library. Some book’s introductions attracted me, and I prepared to read these books after this trip. And then I sat here and felt so relaxed, and I forgot any pressure. That is a very good place.


After that, we went to the farm by car. In the farm, there were almost no people at that time. When we walked on the road in the farm, our vision was very broad. I could see something clearly in the distance. And the sky was very blue, and the clouds were very white and beautiful. Near the road, some cows were eating in the farm, and others were sleeping. The cows were so cute, and a cow was very close to us, and my friend went to touch it, but maybe it was so shy that it ran away right now. This farm was very good, clean and beautiful. It is very different from farms in my country. In my country, farms are very ugly, and the road in the farms is very difficult to walk, and if people enter the farms, you will feel so dirty and you won’t stay there for a long time. I think farmers in my country need to visit here and learn form here. And that I liked that farm, I felt so comfortable in that farm, we can breathe the good air here. The farm is so good.


I remember that we went to the greenhouse after that, and we saw the vegetables such as tomatoes, hot peppers and some vegetables that I don’t know. The vegetables were  growing well, and I hope I can eat them in the future. Then we went to see the turkeys and sheep, I think the sheep were so cute and I don’t like turkeys in the farm. I took some pictures of them. I was so happy that I could looked at the sheep so close, but I didn’t want to look at those turkeys, maybe they were so ugly for me.


Then we went to another place, there was a large tree. But this place was not interesting for me, so I don’t have too much feeling about that, and then we went to walk on a very famous road that was so long. And I walked on the road and enjoyed the music, I felt so happy and relaxed.

All in all, this was an very good trip and Tarrytown is a very nice place. If I have opportunity in the future, I will bring some friends here. Also, I think this is a good place to live, maybe I will choose this place to live in the future. I am so happy that I could have this experience. Thanks to my teacher!