Today’s hot movie – Bad teacher (2011)


JIN-Woong Kim(JAKE) and Man-Gi Jo(KAMEN) are active guys who like to watch movies and play sports. One day, they went to a theater to watch a new comedy movie of Jake Kasdan, “Bad Teacher”, without any hesitations when they saw the advertisement about the movie they found it interesting. After they watched “Bad Teacher”, they had a conversation about it.


Jake : “The movie, ‘Bad Teacher’, was the greatest movie I’ve seen this month!! What do you think about it?”


Kamen : “It was pretty good. Especially, I like the act of Cameron Diaz. It was quite humorous as much as I expected. I think her acting skills are getting better than before.”


Jake : “Right, when I was a high school student, if she were one of my teachers, my adolescence could have been more enjoyable. Have you ever had that kind of teacher?”


Kamen : “No, and I wish I had had a teacher like her. In the movie, she is a different type of teacher; She is addicted to drugs and often drunk in class, taking bribes from student’s parents and so on.. She is very ridiculous!! Don’t you think so?”


Jake : “Yeah! But I like these things from her. She is hot! She has unique characteristics, and always makes troubles with her co-worker; Molly Shannon competes with her for getting a rich guy.”


Kamen : “Right, In order to attract him, she took all possible and unpredictable steps. The ideas are so fresh! But, I think the connections of the episodes were not enough to understand. I feel that some parts were missed.”


Jake : “Like their love relationship?”


Kamen : “Yes, did you feel same with me?”


Jake : “I did. Because of each episode is fully interesting. Also, it’s easy to understand the story for foreigner students like us. It feels like I’m one of the students in the movie.”


Kamen : “Something that I learn from the movie is to not intrude into any fight of women whatever the situation is.”


Jake : “Anyway, I want to recommend it to others especially, teachers!!”

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