Real Restaurant Report


By the Awesome food critics

There are many different types of Chinese restaurants in NYC.
We select some of them and going to recommend to our readers.

Joe’s Shanghai (

Soup Dumplings

It is the most iconic and popular food in Joe’s Shanghai.
Must-order and must-eat food by all the customers!!!
Meanwhile, there’re two flavors to chose: pork and crab.
he soup in the dumplings is really tasty and luscious. Caution!!!
The soup is boiling.

Drunken Crab


Besides soup dumplings,
we recommend one more special and fresh food, “Drunken Crab.”
It is fresh and subtle salty, without any offensive smell of crabs,
exactly flavorful.
I guarantee that you are going to lick every drop of sauce 
on the shells and on your plate!


Fu Run Restaurant, INC. (賦潤東北美食)

 40-09 Prince St.
Flushing, NY 11354
TEL: 718 321-1363
FAX: 718 939-3803

Sweet and Sour Pork

 When we’re talking about the dishes in the Northeast Chinese Restaurant,
the most typical and impressed food here is sweet and sour pork.
As it name, this dish taste sweet and sour.

Cumin Lamb Ribs

Because of the premium materials, it’s really juicy and tender.
Furthermore, the cumin enhances its flavor. You can’t miss it!!!!


Famous Sichuan(老四川) 

 10 Pell Street  New York, NY 10013
TEL: 212 233 – 3888
FAX: 212 233 – 3588

Ma- Po Tofu


Ma-Po tofu is one of the most famous Chinese foods.
With some hot peppers and “douban,” a traditional Chinese sauce, of course, it’s very spicy and salty, but when the weather is getting hot, this spicy flavor can help your ap petite.

Hot Fish

 Different with hot dog, hot fish is a typical Sichuan dish,
and is famous for its spicy flavor.
If you’re a spicy addict, you’ll be regret if you don’t order this.


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