The Best Traditional Korean Food!


                                                     By Christina , Food Specialist

Have you ever eaten Bibimbob, Korean food? It tastes awesome and gorgeous! So, I’d like to introduce how to make Bibimbob.

This recipe is for 6 people.

Main ingredients : rice 540g, scalded bean sprouts 100g, parched young pumpkin 200g, boiled bracken 150g, parched balloon flower 100g, parched carrot 70g, parched cucumber 70g, scalded dropwort 100g, seasoned and grinded raw beef 150g, go-chu-jang(red pepper paste) 70g.

  1. Cook rice.
  2. Combine raw beef together with soy sauce 5ml, refined rice wine 5ml, sesame oil 5ml, some grinded garlic, sesame, sugar.
  3. Combine bean sprouts together with some salt, garlic, sesame, and sesame oil. Also combine dropwort as bean sprouts.
  4. Slice young pumpkin and then parch it. Also do balloon flowers as young pumpkin.
  5. Soak brackens in water for one or two hours, and then chop it shortly.
  6. Slice cucumbers and carrots.
  7. Put some rice on a dish, and then put all of the ingredients on the rice.
  8. Finally, put some go-chu-jang and mix all of them. 


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