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     Club “Nublu”    by Hikaru  

      What kind of music do you like?  I prefer rhythmic music, especially jazz.
It is because jazz makes me much active, as if I was dancing in my mind.
Jazz also call me “Let’s start working!!”

No one can define what Jazz is, because Jazz is formed from a lot of elements, and should be like that.
That’s why people think Jazz is difficult to understand.  But Everyone can feel something from Jazz.
I can feel spirituality from Pharoah Sanders’ blowing saxophone, can feel coolness from Mile’s trumpet,
but sometimes I can feel tired of complexity of the sound.  Then, I go to Nublu to refresh myself.

      Nublu is located at 62 Avenue C between 4/5th street, East Village. Manhattan.  In there, people play many forms of Jazz.  If you suppose Jazz is old-fashioned, they’ll tell you Jazz is always transforming into Soul, House, Technno and Hip-Hop.  Then, We can find Neo-Jazz in there, which is gigged by young talented Jazzmen.

I remember the director (Ilhan Ersahin) of Nublu is Turkish.  He also has his band called Nublu Orchestra, somehow, whose sound has Eastern flavor.  That’s why I feel familiarity with Nublu.   When I listened to his orchestra, he played his piano and saxophone, and his playing was very quiet but passionate.  How could I believe that?  The man who completely rode on his groove kept his calmness!  I can’t forget his saxophone really blew my mind in that night!  Ilhan Ersahin plays every month and also has regular party, in which many fantastic DJs also play worldwide dance tunes.

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