–  BY  CHRISTINA

Hi, guys! I’m Christina A Ruem Lee. I’m studying English at Hunter College. My major is International Trade, and second major is Chinese in Korea. I’d like to tell you about a precious experience I will never forget. It was an overseas experience.

When I was 19 years old, I visited Hong Kong for a retail trade project for my school. This project is called “Shilla Room event”. We prepared many things before going to Hong Kong for a semester. First, we had to choose an item to sell. Our group chose shoe inserts because shoe inserts were very popular in Korea at that time, so we thought Hong Kong people would like it. As we hope, our business was very successful, and we did well. In this experience, I had one more special thing. I appeared on the Korean show, “Arirang TV”. Arirang TV shot our all project from market survey in Seoul, Korea to sale in Hong Kong. It’s also unforgettable memory to me!

Second is my GTEP activity. At university I took trade-related classes and joined the Global Trade Expert Incubating Program(GTEP) sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy. As a GTEP member, I experienced international retail commerce through the export and sales of Korean products to Japan and China. In 2010, I also participated in international China Harbin Fair from June 12 to June 20 and THAIFEX-World of Food ASIA Exhibition from June 30 to July 5. Our team cooperated with black garlic company to participate the exhibitions. Raw garlic is not easy to eat because of hot taste, but black garlic which is air-cured (like cheese) is easy to eat and more healthful than raw garlic. During the fair, I did product presentation and promotion, retail sales and consultation with multinational buyers. It was very interesting, and I thought it was a very helpful experience to gain practical knowledge.

 Through these activities I learned many things, and I realized that speaking fluent English is very important on my workplace, so I decided to go abroad to study, and that’s the reason why I am here now. I hope I am a successful career woman after a few years. This is my dream, and I must be an awesome working woman on the world stage!

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