Interior Design


                                                               By Sandra Kaplanovic (Interior Design Critic)


You are a student and you don’t have the chance to have your own room? Don’t plan a suicide as it may not be as bad as it seems.
    To begin with the proper choice of roommates is crucial for comfortable living in such conditions. Searching for roommate online brings a lot of uncertainty  and different types of people with various living standards. If you already have a roommate with whom you are satisfied  I’ll give you some design tips that will make your student  life bearable. The most important thing is that  the room is large enough to be able to put the needed  furniture – times two. Adequate sunlight is a prerequisite for a solid physical condition, good vision, concentration and  memory. White walls will enhance the effect of  light through reflective property of the white coloring. Overall, the most important area is where you actively study. Using colors like red, yellow and especially orange as the most active color in nature and  very desirable, but only in the details, not the full wall, otherwise a counter-effect can occur. These colors are proven to increase circulation and make your senses alive which is very desirable for studying.

“Sunlight is essential for health and spirit”

Working  desks (if space permits, the most ideal situation is to be two of them) should be in position that the natural light illuminates the work surface from  the front or left side for right-handers  or right side for left-handers. A desk in front of the window is a good solution but can also be a disadvantage if the view is at something that  constantly distracting you.
Also, a good bed is a prerequisite for quality sleep and consequently better concentration and memory during the day. If space permits at least one sofa should be  placed for everyday use.

  If you don’t  live with your ”other half”,very often you’ll want some privacy and some of your personal-micro-space. Of course we cannot speak about these personal microcosms, but for sure you can be  visually separated from your ”neighbor” with a curtain. Also, you can do this between  desks  to visually reduce the surrounding air space which will increase your concentration. These details will enrich your living space, but do not overdo it because they are also ideal dust collectors. Also, wall shelves are welcome, but only as functional elements and not  as decorative details.

   However, for a pleasant student life the most important thing is relationships – tolerance, understanding of the needs of those around you  with respect. A benevolent and harmonious state of mind  can greatly enhance  the ”air”  where we live and therefore the living space  – beauty is within us, not just around us!


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