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Mexican soldiers arrested


 Trans by Gerardo    

 “I am from Mexico and I like to be always updated on border action and  drug cartels activities.”

 Over 30 uniformed Mexican  soldiers  are being investigated by US immigration  authorities since they crossed  the border without permission in four Mexican military vehicles.

 The soldiers that were investigated  crossed the Rio Bravo or Grande over the international bridge located 15 kilometers to the  south of Donna,TX said a spokesperson.


Korean food story ‘Samgyetang’


Trans by JaeEun

 “There are so many delicious foods in Korea, but Samgyetang is very special to me. When I eat this food, I feel healthy.”

  Many Koreans eat Samgyetang on Bongnal, traditional day on which Koreans throw off heat. Samgyetang is traditional Korean food, made of chicken with Jinseng, Garlic and other ingredients.

  Why do people eat Samgyetang on Bongnal Day and when did this tradition start? From ancient times, people started to eat Samgyetang because they believe hot foods made their bodies cooler. 

  In the summer, body heat is driven to the skin and the inner body becomes weak and cold. So people remedy this problem by eating hot high-protein foods on Bongnal.

  Also it is said that Bongnal foods drive devils away. Korean people believe there is a lack of energy on Bongnal so devils can be active. That’s because Samgyetang is made of chicken which scares devils.


Surprise! Coca Cola Zero Illegal Preservatives included!

Trans by Lawrence

  “The reason why I choose this article is because people in the United States drinks Cola a lot, and they should really put an eye on the ingredient of it.”

  People who want to lose weight might chose Coca Cola Zero, but preservatives were found in two kilograms of Coca Cola syrup.  Those preservatives are banned in carbonated drinks and they’ll cause  stomach upset, skin irritation and produce female hormones.

  The makers of original flavor Cola emphasize that they do not add illegal preservatives, but the preservatives that were found may have come from a Coca Cola Zero syrup.

  Coca Cola claimed there must be something wrong with the delivery processes. This report shows that the primary ingredients in Taiwanese Coca Cola Zero come from China, which has not been widely known until now.


 Heat injured patients
increase 5 times in Japan

 Trans by Hikaru

 “Japan faces a serious situation, and a hot climate. How do people overcome it? The hot summer continues with a shortage of electricity. ”

  Heat injured patients have increased 5 times (213 patients) -40% of whom are elderly-compared with the same period last year in Yokohama in Japan.

  The Kanagawa News revealed that a man was conveyed to an emergency hospital at the end of June because he was concerned about shortages of electric power and he didn’t use an air-conditioner.

  On June 22, A 70-year-old man was also conveyed to the emergency room because he had a sore throat and flu due to being overheated. He said to the emergency team “I thought it’d be better to not use my A/C for saving electricity”

  The Fire Department warns, “Elderly people are less tolerant of the heat, so they should use A/C.” 

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