Today’s Hot movie – Wicker Park (2004)        


One day, JIN-Woong Kim(JAKE) is looking for a romance movie, and Man-Gi Jo(KAMEN) introduce him the movie, “Wicker Park”. After Jake watched the movie, they talked about the movie.

Kamen : “Jake, did you watch the movie what I recommend before?”

Jake : “Yes, I did. It was pretty good. That was exactly what I wanted. ”

Kamen : “Glad to hear that!It is one of my favorite movies. The most interesting thing in that movie is it has quite different structures which are the scenes of time are continuously changed.”

Jake : “I think so. But it made me confused to stay with the story at the first time. However, it was getting better to understand. In the movie, Matthew(Josh Hartnett), who dreamed to be a photographer in Chicago, fell l in love in first sight with Lisa(Diane Kruger), a modern dancer. Then, a quirk of destiny broke them up. Two years later, he found traces of Lisa accidentally although he had a fiancée, Rebecca(Jessica Pare). Their relationship was very complicated.

Kamen : “And you should remember Alex(Rose Byrne), an actress in Chicago. She is jealous of the couple, Matthew and Lisa. Actually, she fell in love in first sight with Matthew before he loved Lisa. Because of that, she began to break their relationship. And she did pretty good job didn’t she? She really knew how to use people for her purposes.”

Jake : “Yeah! She was such an evil. Also I think Matthew’s behaviors had problems. How did he try to meet x-girlfriend while he engaged with another woman? He was selfish. He didn’t matter Rebecca’s feeling.”

Kamen : “You are right. But, you should understand Matthew and Alex’s feelings. As Alex said, ‘Love Makes Do Crazy Things’. If you had that kind of experiences, you might understand them.”

Jake : “I hadn’t experienced like that. I understood them, but if I were the person used by someone, I would be hurt. I don’t want to be this kind of person and love someone in this way. I realized that people can love in this way. ”

Kamen : “So do I. I also don’t want to be in this situation and this kind of person. I also learned there is nothing to go against destiny.”

Jake : “Thank you for recommending me this movie.”

Kamen : “You’re welcome~”

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