Ismail’s movie review



Last week I went to watch Colombiana with my friends and we had a lot of fun.  The movie is about a Columbian  girl her name is Cataleya . When she was young her parents got killed by a gang . After her parents got killed she came to the USA to live with her uncle. She told her uncle that she wants  to  be a killer . Her uncle said ok because he was a killer too. Her uncle said to her that she have to be smart to be a killer. After she grow up she started hunting the people responsible for the murder of her parents. The gang found out so they killed her uncle and his wife. Cataleya was really sad and mad because her uncle was like a father and a teacher at the same time. Then  she went to the gang and killed all of them.  I give this movie four stars. don’t watch the move if you don’t like blood.


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