Letter from reader


Here is letter from reader. She wants to share her experience in class

,English on the go ! 

 Sept. 16, 2011. We are on the ferry to Governor’s Island. Because today, our workshop class; English on the Go, decided to enjoy the chance of free bicycle riding on Governor’s Island. Our fun class goes out every Friday so we find an exciting place or activity. It’s mostly awesome. Actually, learning a language is not only improving academic reading and writing skills but also enjoying that language itself. And then, if there is a pleasant teacher and easy going classmates that will be the icing on the cake!

  That day, on Governor’s Island there was a soft autumn breeze, sunlight, a green lawn and, we who love NYC, and are studying hard can enjoy our life. Everyone has heard a story about Governors Island. What it means for New Yorkers, how we can use freely, and more about that from our teacher Michele Thomas. And then we got a free bike ride for an hour. We got the chance using our benefit as New Yorkers. Furthermore, to me and Seonhye, it was the first day to ride a bicycle in our whole life. Unfortunately, even if you envy us and want to get a chance for a free ride you have to wait until next summer. Governor’s Island is open May 27 through Sept. 25.

  Every Friday we meet on the 3rd floor in the East building with the anticipation for a new exciting experience and energy. This week we are going on a picnic in Dumbo with some homemade finger foods. We can see various art, exhibitions and performances. And next week I’m not sure where we will go, but I don’t worry about that because there are many treasures in NYC that I have never seen before. I believe my workshop class will help me find them.

from. Hee jung Ko (Level 6. IELI)

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