Is Anybody Interested in Tennis?


           My name is Maria Ustimenko.  I am a student at the  IELI. I’ve played tennis since 2000.  The beginning of my training classes was really hard. I participated in the many competitions. And the best result that I got  was  5th place in the “Russian star” in 2006.  It wasn’t that bad but I had to  stop playing tennis professionally. Because   I went to the University and didn’t really have time to keep up with classes. Anyway I still play tennis sometimes. In addition I always watch the US Open Tennis. So I would like to write about US open tennis matches, especially the finals.  

            Does  anybody play tennis? Yes, I ask you! If you live in New York you are lucky because every year, you have a great chance to see The US Open Tennis Championships. This is the one of the oldest tennis championships in the world. Every year people from all over the world come to New York to support their favorite tennis players or to participate at the tournament as a player .

            On Sunday, September 11, 2011, thousands of people went to see the men’s final US Open Championships , including me. The stadium was full of crowds of people. During the over 4 hours of the most exciting and unbelievable thrilling  game I was supporting Novak Djokovic, the 25-year-old Serbian star. Over the first two sets he played like a champion by hitting back each of Nadal’s serves. But Djokovic lost the third set, walking off the court and holding his back. He needed to take a 15-minute break for a possible injury.

          At that moment I got scared he could lose the game and wouldn’t become the greatest tennis player in the world.  Eddie Pells, associated press wrote the article “With his back and ribs aching he said he knew he could not allow the fourth set to turn into yet another long series of rallies. He had to do what he’d been doing all year – go for it.” That  information helps to understand how was it hard to keep up with the game. More over to play as better as he could to win Nadal.

          At that moment fans got hope their favorite tennis player Nadal could beat him. And very loud crowd started to support him in  Spanish as his native language. Nadal has a lot of fans as a previous champion of the US Open Tennis Championships. The last set wasn’t easy for Serb Novak Djokovic. However after series of crushed balls he finally won the fourth set and game in total. After last hitting of ball he dropped his racket on the ground and fell on his knees. He was so happy. Ah! Emotions over filled me at that time. It was the best game that I’ve ever seen in my life.

        You can see a short and excited played of the US Open Championships Tennis Final Men’s Game on the following video.

Did you know?

1. That the winner of the singles gets prize money of $1.8 million and the runner up gets $0,9 million.

2. The tournament was first held in August 1881 at the Newport Casino, Newport, Rhode Island. In addition only men could compete. Women’s National Singles Championships were held at the Philadelphia Crick Club in 1887.

3. In 2006, the US Open started to use the computer system “Hawk-Eye” which could replay reviews of calls. Each player was able to use three calls in each set and one additional call during a tiebreak.

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