Chinese Emigration for Children: Children May Be Victim


中国人为孩子移民:”到头来孩子或成牺牲品” 2013-05-17 07:28:37 来源: 网易财经





Why do numerous Chinese want to emigration? Most of the survey practically show that all the interviewees said that the principal reason of emigration is children’s education. However, is it really ture that emigration for education is correct?

Culture diffrence is considerable issue. As we knew that for little children it’s diffcult to accustm to live and study in different custom. Just looking at the Chinese-American families, a lot of the children in their family don’t study very well. Emigration for kids may make them victim in the end.

On the other hand, anti tendency should also be careful. As we knew, in the primary school and middle school, they don’t have good math level(California High School Exit Examination, mathematics had only Pre-Algebra). Likewise, other subjects and reading skill are not good enough in the high school.

Most important problem is identity. Normally, there is a big difference between the children whose age are over 10 or under 10. For the children whose age are under 10 years old, it’s much easier to get used to living in a new lives and acceptting American language, ideas and value whereas it’s harder for the children who are over 10. The problem is that the children become a American in all their behaviour and the way of thinking. They can just speak English(no Chinese any more) and think in American way(no idea about Chinese tranditional family and custom)

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