Foot Binding In China (Zhi Cai Chen)


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Foot Binding In China (Zhi Cai Chen)

The costume of foot binding in China had caused a great amount of agony and forlornness to women. This horrid practice had existed for almost one thousand years which dated from 969 .
Here comes how this costume became popular. In the past, emperors had a lot of maids who usually tried their best to impress emperors so that they could have a chance to became a queen. On a banquet, one maid came up with a unique idea that she bound her feet with silks in the shape of the moon. With these bound feet, she danced and sang for the emperor. It turned out that she indeed impressed the king; later, she became a queen. Since then, the practice of foot binding gradually became popular in the public. What’s more, tiny feet were considered most important feature of a beautiful woman.
However, with such a pair of feet, it was painful for women to walk . Every step caused pain. In this way, it became easier for men to control women which could show the fact that society was full with male chauvinism.
Foot binding is a symbol of ancient Chinese feudal autocracy. Rulers dominated the whole country through controlling people’s thoughts. Under such circumstance, people’s appreciation of beauty was conveniently distorted. Tiny feet became the most essential feature of women.


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