The Secret Garden


There is no introduction for this place, but what I can tell  that is breathtaking. A great children’s classic,  taken into a movie in 1993. The Secret Garden is one of the most amazing places in New York City. Part of Central Park, located in the section named “The Conservatory Garden,” this fountain is a tribute  to Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of the children’s book “The Secret Garden,” this fountain represents Mary and Dickon, the main characters in the book.


This garden is perfect for everyone, and is perfect to be visited in spring or summer, yet winter is a special moment to visit this garden, It makes it more magical that it is already. In summer, it is perfect not just for everyone, but especially for kids. This fountain in summer is full of tulips in a variety of colors, and surrounded  by trees surrounding the fountain. making it a great place for spending the day with friends and family. In winter, this garden will be full of snow, which makes it more magical than summer.

Pamela Silva

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