Comparing Commutes


Comparing Commutes

BY Sang mun

I live in Jersey City right now so every time I go to school, I always take the Path and then transfer to the subway. Because my classes begin early, I always hurry to take them. However at that time so many people are also going to school, working, and doing something. In order to take the train quickly, most of them push me up or out. There is no excuse for this. In the morning my feeling is usually kind of terrible and sometimes I am not on time to class. I can understand them a little. Because Manhattan is a big city, but there are two things I cannot understand that much. The first thing is that the subway is usually not on time sometimes and because of track problems the subway stops on the way often. Also while it is raining and snowing, water is leaking onto platform or seat moreover some foolish peoples lay down on the seats and throw garbage on the rails or platform. That sort of sucks. I think that the MTA never gives convenient transportation as it should.

In my opinion, for example, in Korea also every weekday lots of people crowd on every platform. However there is a yellow line to line up in regular sequence so taking the subway is so much better than in New York city. Although there are a lot of people on the platform, we can take the train easily. Above all cleaning is very important to use subway due to the fact that subway is public transportation which everybody has to use. In case of Korea, Government provides cleaning system, so every station has several cleaners who can clean each scheduled time. It makes our feeling much better.

In New York City, it smells like horrible and the platform is also damaged, the wall leaks , and the speaker do not work well. I would like to complain to the MTA about developing the subway system. I do not know why every year the fare increases, however the facilities have never developed for three years.

Here are two of my suggestions to develop the MTA service a little more.  First of all, one thing is to make the yellow line on every platform of stations   like in Korea. If so taking the subway is definitely going to be easier than before. Making yellow line is obviously not difficult. The MTA is the only organization which can make and decide it. The second thing I thought is that if cleaning is hard in every station, we have to clean on our own so the MTA could put cameras in each station to monitor and then if somebody throws some garbage on the ground or scribbles on the facilities, they can impose a fine at once.

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