Stop to enjoy



I often look for something different, because this world is so fantastic and inconceivable. I often share ideas with others, because I like to see their smile. I want to know the historical stories of a new place, because the knowledge would color my memories. That’s why I can not stop taking photos to record time.


Grand Central is first place that I want recall in my memories. There are many sculptures standing everywhere in the station, Surrounding the color-fading clock, which is in the middle of the main concourse, records the time this building has seen. The word “passage” is a perfect word for this building. In this “pass age”, people come and leave; form the movement from the past to the fufure. But, Grand central still stands here.

20140627-153804-56284311.jpgThe Gutenberg Bible is also a memory I want to show. That book, which is the oldest printed book in the world, was collected by New York Public Library. It is laid in a transparent box, with a golden decoration and yellowing pages. Time seems to stop at the moment this book has been printed, forever.



Motion pictures usually have more impact than paper introduction. Therefore, the museum of the city of New York is so unforgettable. The film of N.Y.C describes an unbending and brave city which was damaged by war, economy, and terrorists. During these times, some people left, but more people chose to stay. They rebuilt the city again and again. The history of  the cycles of destruction and rebuilding has made N.Y.C a great city. This history is also a mirror of immigrants. These resilient people become the engine of the city, and make it more powerful. Moreover, the other exhibitions in the museum confirm energies of these immigrants and their cultures.



When you begin to feel bored about city life, you should see the other face of the city. The countryside of N.Y. is also impressive. After walking a long way in the forest, seeking history by following the trace of the water pipe to north, we finally arrived at the Village of Tarrytown. Village people are peaceful and content. Two old ladies are talking about what musical they are going to watch tonight, when I walked into their store. It’s an antiques store, which is like other fantastic stores on the street, looks comfortable and special. However, there are many characteristic stores, such as a toy store, a traditional liquor store and a local restaurant.  The toy store has many old-fashioned toys make it warm and friendly. The restaurant has a special wine cabinet which is formed of many circles’ hole with one center. It’s full of wine, champagne, and other liquors. While the light goes through the bottles, the cabinet reflects colorful hues and spots of color. What an amazing stage.


I hope you can feel cheerful and a little regretful when you read until here. Because you miss so many beautiful places and the stories behind them. Don’t just pass through this wonderful scenery again.


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