Real little italy in New York



If you like cheap and high quality Italian food, you should go to Arthur Avenue. It was first time I visited the deep part of  the Bronx.  But what’s the reason Italian people moved to The Bronx? Because they get more space and land ,it is way cheaper than the city. Nowadays of The Bronx has been changing to more expensive places, but I still saw local people and small shops. It was a very calm day and we went to eat real Italian food.The restaurant is zero otto nove ,which is kind of famous place around there. We got some lunch there, of course, food was excellent!! Also inside the restaurant was beautiful interior designs. Moreover you can buy great groceries. For example vegetables are good to buy in little Italy. Because The Bronx is the first place that they sell fresh vegetables. That’s why many people go to get food there. Even when you take the subway though, it takes an hour. In addition, Bronx Botanical garden is close. I think  you can visit to see nice green and get great food. If you don’t decide yet what you going to do this weekend, you should go there!!





– KO







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