I Got to Love Tarry Town


1420469_701466293269997_1538518645_n              10711460_701466243270002_1669252177_n

I like Tarry town because it is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson river. This place was near NYC and It is a village on hills. when i went there in the first time I felt it’s different from NYC. I could felt the fresh air, see the calm place and landscape view that surrounded by the Hudson River as well. Besides, I learn about history that Dutch were farmers, fur trappers, and fishermen. Before the river used for commercial river.In that time, I tried to eat Greek food. It’s my first time. I ordered chicken salad it was awesome and so big that I could only eat half of it. Greek salad is always fresh and dressing is quite tasty. I liked it very much. After, I went to Ice cream shop. then my friend rushed to go back the station. However, I like this place.

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