My secret park


How much do you know about New York’s parks? Central Park? Bryant Park? or Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Mnn…yes, no doubt, these parks are beautiful, each with its featured personality, like Bryant Part is like a fine backyard of the city or Brooklyn is a perfect location to see Manhattan night view.

However, if you are the one who likes and wants to find some place that is not so crowded and touristic, Fort Tryon Park is a good choice.

Fort Tryon Park is located in north Manhattan, so in the park, you can see either the fantastic river scene along the Hudson River or dense forest possessing alleys which can lead you to other areas that may surprise you with different views.

Here, you can have a real quiet and relaxing moment without hectic and noisy crowd. Lying down on the grass to have a cat nap or just sitting on the bench and reading a newspaper at will. Warming sunshine, cozy breeze, beautiful Hudson River sights, but gentle sound, you’ll find life is so enjoyable with these natural gifts.

Want to go now? Just get on the A train and get off at 190 St with your metro card, you’ll find the heaven of the gate right after exiting the entrance.

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