One of The most Beautiful station in the World, Grand Central Station -by Emily


IMG_1709 (1)




When I first came to New York, I was hanging out near the middle of the Mid-town. At that time, I had to rely on Google map app on my mobile to see where I was, but my phone’s battery was dead. So I lost the way in cold winter weather. When I walked on the crowded street, I found a station which is very beautiful and classic. I realized that building was Grand Central Station. I didn’t hesitate to go in. The inside of this place was also beautiful as the exterior of the building. Actually, it was amazing, wonderful and also very big. Not only many platforms, but also there are a lot of stores there. It’s not just a station. It’s a landmark of NYC. It is located in the middle of Manhattan and it connects lots of spots over the there is whispering gallery located next to Oyster bar and Food Court. This is an archway so when two people stand in opposite corners, although they are far from each other, they can hear each other’s voices.  This secret is pretty well known, many people visit that place to confirm it and some people use this place as a romantic spot.  Second, there is the secret platform for VIPs like President Roosevelt to go to Hotel Astoria Waldorf.  This is track 61.  By taking a private elevator, we can go to that platform. It is not used anymore, but this track still exists.  And the last thing I want to tell you is that the ceiling is backwards. Not many people know about that secret (maybe that’s why it is a secret). Some people claimed it is not an accident. It’s because that painting is for God.  It is not for humans’ perspective but God’s. Like a temple for God.

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