TO TRAVEL by Paula Barchilon



10565173_10152220013330899_7836818984400630972_n    10660185_10152254561060899_7635606190907362291_n

New York, the city that never sleeps…

“To travel is to leave home 
 to leave friends
 to try to fly.
Flying getting to know new branches
walking roads
is to try to change.

To travel is to leave home
to dress like a madman
saying everything and nothing with a  
Is to sleep in another bed
to feel that time is short
to travel is to return.”

Different countries, different cultures, different ages; all of us are strangers in this big city, but all of us are here for the same reason: we are learning English and also we are meeting each other, and having an unique life experience. Here we are free, we fly, we dream.

This experience is a challenge for me, but the reward is wonderful!!

IMG_0370    IMG_0439

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