My Time in Grand Central by Mei Li


Grand Central was built in the 1890s, it is a amazing place at 89 East 42nd street in New York City. “While Grand Central Terminal is one of the nations most historical landmarks, it has remained the busiest train station in the country.” There are a lot of interesting stories and  fantastic things in this building. The four clock faces is my favorite in the center of  Grand Central. Each of the the face is made from opalescent glass that Sotheby’s have estimated their vale to be $10 million and $20 million. It is the most of  my favorite in Grand Central.The Four Clock Faces in Grand CentralAlso I like Grand Central Ceiling design conceived as astronomical. When you sit in this large space, you feel great and you may imagine that you come to heaven. In particular, there is  4 meter high clock in front of Grand Central which is facing 42nd street using the big Tiffany glass. Traveling to Grand Central we had a very great time, and I saw such terrific things that I never knew it.




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