TaRrYtOwN by Monica


2014-11-07 19.04.56 (1) 2014-11-07 19.07.50 (2)

2014-11-07 19.09.22

2014-11-07 19.04.252014-11-07 19.10.31 (1)


 Sometimes life in the city can be very stressful; if you want to take a break or just spend a few hours far from the skyscrapers, Tarrytown is the place you are looking for. In comparison with the city, it’s completely different! As soon as you arrive, you notice that it is calmer and quieter. People just walk and don’t run; they are very friendly and, if you ask them some questions, they are happy to answer you. Being curious about its name, I asked an old woman to explain to me why the town is called “Tarrytown”; she told me that, many years ago, there were a lot of taverns where men went to drink something. They spent much time there and, for this reason, they said: ” Man tarry in the town!”. Moreover, walking around the streets, yellow, red and orange leaves capture your imagination and, if you are as lucky as I, you can also see one of the best sunsets ever!     


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