Visiting Tarrytown by Meryem







                 Tarrytown is located near the Hudson River. It is a silent and calming place. There are a lot of interesting antique stores and also a lot of gourmet cafes which sell really good capuccinos. It is a small town,though. I think it is an escaping place for New Yorkers. This makes Tarrytown preferable for weekends rather than business days.

                We went there as a class and it was relaxing. We searched for the olive oil shops and we went to a tea shop. I tried the tea which was called “Spice of Ice.” It was quite good because of the orange aroma – I will totally recommend that to my friends. I also recommend visiting Tarrytown in spring because it would be easier for travelling the whole town on foot. After we drank our teas we went to the commuter train. Metro-North was our transportation for returning to Grand Central Terminal. It was a good trip but I would prefer going there in spring rather than fall. It would be warmer.





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