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Want to escape the forests of hundreds of buildings in the City? Just read my piece of writing and if you feel drawn to mine, go to Tarrytown then.

Tarrytown is a village in the town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York, United States. It is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. One thing that I was impressed by this town when I viewed it at first was the atmosphere. The town had a totally different atmosphere from Manhattan. The air was so calm, peaceful and tranquil, but a little bit cold. Thus, I hoped that the weather was going to be warm at that time, but it did not change. Actually, I have never been to this town before and never visited outside of the City. To be frank, I do not like traveling because I prefer to stay at home.

However, I felt like it was my new experience I have never had before so I realized that I might be better to travel to other parts of New York State. When getting around this town, I saw many interesting things, restaurants and stores which did not have crowds unlike many Starbucks in Manhattan. Moreover, there were some antique stores that had a lot of gorgeous clothing, accessories, and furniture. Our instructor, of course, gave us some assignments that we should observe something about Tarrytown. Regardless of the assignments, all the things that I saw when I was walking on the street in Tarrytown quite inspired me, eventually I felt I would travel in the future but I am still not sure.

Finally, we finished finding things which I should find, and we went a tea shop that they only sell teas. I got a pot of jasmine tea. It was outstanding and I Ioved it. After that, I watched the sunset when I was walking to the station to get back to the City. At this moment, I just thought that the images of this town in evening also had more distinct images than the afternoon. This trip made me tired, but it was very exciting and interesting.

One thing that I just want to say is “JUST GO THERE”

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