A mysterious trip to Tarrytown ( Wendy)


On a windy,cold afternoon, we visited Tarrytown, one of the oldest towns in the US. Departing from Grand Central by Metro North Hudson Line, it took about 50 minutes before getting there.


The main street of Tarrytown is located on the top of a hill,from which people can see Hudson river. Lovely shops and cafes can be found on this street.

IMG_0570     L1040739

Stone Barn farm, an organic food farm with greenhouses and animals was waiting for us. We went to the farm by a big van. A tall stone barn stands there and welcomes visitors. Animals are in a peaceful and happy mood. However, will all of them become dishes on tables some day?

IMG_0581 IMG_0595 IMG_0605 IMG_0624 IMG_0666 IMG_0629

Instead of riding in a car, we came back to Tarrytown by walking through a forest, which is preserved by the Rockefeller family. The trails through endless green grass, big roots of fallen old trees, streams with sweet-sounding constitute a beautiful view of early spring.

On the way back, we passed Sleepy Hollow Cemetery,which is the resting place of numerous famous figures.Washington Irving, the author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is sleeping here. William Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie,Walter Chrysler,the powerful US business men are also buried here. The historic Sleepy Hollow town has been settled from 1640, when the early Dutch colonists lived here.”The town is renowned for its ghosts and the haunting atmosphere that pervades the imaginations of its inhabitants and visitors. Some residents say this town was bewitched during the early days of the Dutch settlement.”(From Vikipedia–The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown appear frequently in novels, movies and TV programs.

IMG_0672 IMG_0653 IMG_0649 IMG_0674

The headless horseman may still hang out in the town 🙂

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