Stone Barns Garden



What is your dream?

For me, I want to be a farmer. Whenever I talk about my dream, everybody asks me, “why are you studying English?” For the future! I have imagined a big farm like the Stone Barns at Tarrytown. This is an amazing place to discover what a real farm is. Situated 3 miles away from Tarrytown, Stone Barns gardens produce their own products; they have one of the best restaurants in New York. The idea of this restaurant is about the quality and the flavor of the food, not the quantity. There are a lot of animals and vegetables to see. This environment at the farm is natural. The area is not overpopulated. You can take a walk into the woods after visiting the farm.

After I visited this garden, I became more sure about why I am studying English. It introduces me to different types of societies. I think that in this area perhaps Korean organic agriculture is less developed than that of the US. I am eager to see more good farms and study this area more deeply. Stone barn garden satisfied my needs because It’s soooo impressive and amazing for me. This farm is organized, clean, and uses a lot of techniques for growing food and caring for animals. By bringing together good restaurant and market, they can use their own plants and animals. Even though I didn’t know I was going to go to Stone Barns, it was really amazing and fantastic for me.


thank you

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