History & New York City by Michael Sik


Walking around New York City with Mr Sireci was a really fascinating experience. Although I am a huge fan of this place, I am not familiar with its history nor that of the United States.  Every time we went to some historical places in New York City, the first idea that came to my head was “I have been here”. One of the good examples was when we went to Grand Central Station on our first trip; I thought I knew that place. But after listening to Mr Sireci’s introduction about the station and spending a few hours there, I realized that I didn’t know as much as I thought.

New York City is a special place, like it or not you can’t deny the uniqueness of the city. I haven’t noticed it before but now I am starting to realize that those “flavors” of the city were coming from the past. I believe that every city has its own energy, and knowing history helps you to understand why and where those energies are from.

Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York


This picture was taken on April  17, 2015 at Borough Hall in Brooklyn. It was a very beautiful day. First we went to the “New York Transit Museum” and learned about the history of New York’s subway system.  Afterward we started walking around the neighborhood and that was when I came across this image.

R0010730  R0010722R0010769

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