New York : metropolis, fast, first 04.17.2015


Grand Central: Lights and Time


Everything reminds us of the time there. When you looked around Grand Central, you can see the famous golden clock located in the center of the station, the train tracks and the rushing people who are trying to catch the trains.


When I saw him, I wanted to take a picture because it recalls a scene of a movie. I was impressed with the lighting and the atmosphere.


We know that every movie has secrets in it, so does Grand Central. If you don’t know what this person is doing in this picture, then you don’t know about the Whispering Gallery. If you are with somebody, place yourself in the corner of the chamber and you can hear the voice of your friend who speaks to the wall on the opposite side.


After discovering the Whispering Gallery, you can explore the other secrets. You can take your drink in the Campbell Apartment, which was used as an office for the novel writer whose name is Campbell. The restaurant looks so fancy.


View of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Last week in class we watched a documentary about the history of New York. New York was discovered in 1609 by the Dutch. In fact, the first name of New York was New Amsterdam.

After watching the documentary, we went to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. We were informed about the history of the subway in New York.

image image

We understood that one of the most important innovations that changed people’s lives was the subway: life become faster and more connected.

Everybody goes together around New York

We saw the old trains and we could see the inside of the trains. We were impressed with the seats, advertisements, which seem very attractive to us now, the stop signs that they had to change manually.

image image

These pictures reflect the society of an earlier time.The first train companies were private so they used to promote transportation and the companies that were active then. We can look at these ads and guess about the behaviors and values that existed before.


The city was born as a social experiment which had the aim of all the people could live together in a single place in the world, so New York grew  and became a multicultural metropolis which tested everything first.

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