On my way to Tarrytown



This picture is like a painting in a frame.I found the outside really wonderful. For me it represents enough to say how much the views were epic. The trip is not long and it’s comfortable, the view outside of the train is really interesting you can escape or take some pictures.The view on the river is fantastic considering that this town is located next to this landscape it’s amazing and not really far from Manhattan. This outside view is so relaxing, as if you were living next to the sea but at the same time you have mountains and nature. You can even jog in the woods next to Sleepy Hollow or take a walk.The sunset should be amazing from there. For me it is a very historical place and relaxing one. Delightful experience, especially the farm.  A beautiful site, not so far from Tarrytown, next to the wood with a great restaurant and a cafe; they produce their own organic food. The farm looks really old. It is a very  charming place and I think it could be amazing to organize an event there. It is for me a romantic place. It is calm, quiet and peaceful. If you like nature you should go there!

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