Spring time? What about Tarrytown


There are amazing places to escape from the frenetic life of this city. Last week, a 30 minute train ride took us to Tarrytown, a place full of peace, historic events and beautiful initiatives.

Tarrytown is a village in the town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York just 25 miles north of midtown Manhattan. It is home to historic sites, such as Lyndhurst and Washington Irving’s home Sunnyside, as well as beautiful parks throughout the Village as well as lining the Hudson River.


Tarrytown Reservoir

A walk through the reservoir, an 81 acre space completed in 1897, shows you a diverse landscape full of peace and fresh air. Through it you can meet many residents walking their pets or taking a run through the forest, in which you also find the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where Andrew Carnegie rests and Wendy’s husband wants to be buried.


Stone Barns Farm gift shop.

With all the healthy food culture  in the city, visiting farms like those in Tarrytown gives you a first hand view of how sustainable practices are pursued. The farm at Stone Barns Center is a four-season operation with approximately 6 acres used for vegetable production. It grows 200 varieties of produce year-round.


The Stone Barns market is perfect for adults and children. Their books, souvenirs and toys are perfect for people that are learning how to have a healthy life and encourage them to know more about what they are eating, how is growth and produced.


The Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture is a non-profit farm and educational center.


Spuyten Duvil Creek Bridge

The 30-minute train trip, offers you a beautiful view along the Hudson River.

Tarrytown Music Hall

Tarrytown Music Hall

The Tarrytown music festival is the oldest theater in Westchester County. It still used as a theater, and considered one of the county’s finest non-residential applications of the Queen Anne Style. In 1901 it was one of the first theaters to show the new form of entertainment called motion pictures.

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