Stone Barns in Tarrytown by mattika


IMG_4321 (1)

What do you do this weekend? Why don’t go out side NYC to come back to nature. Les’t embrace a big tree,breath fresh air, and eat delicious food at Stone Barns in Tarry town. It’s is not far form New York City. You can take the Metro North from Grand Central to Tarry town station for 45 minutes or drive a car.

Tarrytown,which close Hudson river, is small,beautiful and peaceful town. This town has a long history. Dutch came there and built community in 1645 to plant and sale to Europe. Moreover,this town is original Halloween story; a man who ride a horse to find his head. You can walk and look around this town before taking taxi to go to Stone Barns.

IMG_4330  It’s such a beautiful farm. There are a lot of vegetable in Green House. There are pigs, chickens and goats. Children will love it because they are able to run on the glassy field and explore the all things in nature. After that, you are able full fill your energy in restaurant. Coffee is so great and Frittata is so soft and tasty. The food is very spacial because the restaurant focus in high quality ingredient and tasty.


In stead of taking taxi to go back to Tarry town, I recommend reader walking. you will enjoy a nice view and steam,but it is a little bit far. Why do you stay New York in weekend. Go to out side to get a new inspiration. Let’s go to Stone Barns.

One thought on “Stone Barns in Tarrytown by mattika

  1. Nice picture !! Stone Barns is a good place to spend time with a nice landscape.

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