A moment of expression


by Tina


Beautiful Skyline

This is Governors Island, classmates and I went to this very amazing place with our teacher. We took the ferry and we only spent 2 dollars. I had to say it was the cheapest trip I have ever had.The teacher gave us some recommendations and then we enjoyed the beautiful day with our classmates.Of course,we took plenty of pictures.The weather was so hot on that day,however,it gave me a really deep expression as I rented a bicycle.It has been a long time since I was a middle school student. I never felt it since then.And there is the water just as you see in the picture. It was so nice and I could see the whole view across the Harbor. There was also a natural scene because you could see lots of lawns, a coffee shop, people sitting there to enjoy their afternoon. As for me, I also enjoyed it,yet I traveled with my bicycle and cycled around. I could feel the wind that comes from the sea. Finally, our time was up and we had to catch the ferry to go back.Though I felt tired, it was still the best trip that I have taken with my classmates. After that, I heard from my friend that Governors Island only open in the summer. I was so surprised and I want to go there again.

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