Restless? Exhausted with at the CITY life? Go to the GOVERNORS Island while you are alive!


By Shaggi

Are you exhausted and stressed with noisy city life? Go to GOVERNORS island.The best way to get rid of your stress and exhaustion is to roam around GOVERNORS island because it has a beautiful natural environment  and authentic historical buildings. It is also the right place to have a picnic, too.In addition, it is easy to travel around by bicycle. If you don’t have a bicycle you can rent one there.

If you don’t want to be regretful in your grave, go to GOVERNORS island while you are alive. Here are beautiful pictures for you!


Ship coming fast


small model fort


Living room


One phone in this town


New York City


Old central park pictures


History of fort


Beautiful sky


Ready for defense

DSC01023 DSC01031 DSC01052 DSC01058  o

Shageldi Gaylyyew is a student at Hunter College.

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