Governors Island – Vanessa Higueras

IELI people and places


Governors Island it is a little island near Manhattan and it is very easy to go there. Despite being small it is possible to spend all afternoon touring. Some people prefer to ride a bicycle. We decided to walk, because they don’t allow bicycles in some places. There are a lot of interesting things to do, go inside an old castle, see some cute houses and also have a great view of the Statue of Liberty.


In Nolan Park there is the Admiral’s House, an old house that was a home of generals when the island was a U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, and the houses are now open to the public. Furthermore, near Nolan Park is the best place: Parade Grounds. When we went there, we saw an interesting exposition, a structure made by umbrellas, mirrors and bicycle wheels.


The tour around Governors Island is amazing, it is possible to learn more about American history, take good pictures, ride a bicycle and enjoy a good time with friends.

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