Do you know what you eat? Tarrytown farmer’s answer.

IELI people and places

Last week we had a trip to a Tarrytown farm, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. It’s about 1 hour from Grand Central Terminal. I should say that was really interesting for someone who was born in a big city and has lived there all her life.

This farm is a special farm.

IMG_3990                  IMG_3932

First of all, farming practices here don’t use pesticides that are so common all over the world. That’s why the food from this farm is so healthy and not so full of chemicals as we usually have in our shops and then on our tables.

The second reason is their education programs. They provide information to Americans especially to pupils of schools and students about healthy food and how it grows. They also have a camp for those who want to learn some more and do something from farming practice by themselves.

The third reason why this farm is so special is that this farm is a laboratory where new farming practices are explored and old ones improved. You are also welcome to participate!


So, if you are tired of the city this is a very good place to go. Enjoy!

Daria Shumilina

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