Drinking in Grand Central – by Rafael


IMG_2232 (1)

Grand Central Terminal is probably the most beautiful public building in New York City. It is an example of Beaux – Arts architecture; however, Grand Central is well known as a place with interesting elements which introduce us to Greek mythology. For example, on the main  face of the building is Hermes, who was the God of travelers and some of the most remarkable constellations are painted on the ceiling.


Grand Central has a well-organized infrastructure that offers an efficient train service to passengers who travel to some nearby cities.

Nevertheless, the most interesting aspects in Grand Central aren’t on the train platforms but on the upper levels of the building like the Campbell Apartment which nowadays is a fancy lounge. In the past it was the private office and salon of John W. Campbell, a successful business man at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The Campbell Apartment preserves the style of the fancy American taverns in the first years of the 20th Century. Its friendly atmosphere keeps the luxurious and dark environment which carry you to the past. The staff is very gentle and the cost is a little bit expensive but affordable.

In conclusion, The Campbell Apartment is a very charming place to take a drink before your train trip.

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