Exploring Tarrytown—Kathy Qian


Tarrytown, located north of New York, is a beautiful and relaxing small town. There are two interesting things about Tarrytown. The first one is that the name of the town means killing time because the farmers and hunters living in nearby villages usually drank coffee and chatted to kill time.  The second one is that Halloween began there and there are many scary ghosts stories from this area.

A tour guide from Stone Barns, a local organic farm and education center, introduced the farm to us. I was surprised that sheep eat only grass but goats eat any plants even poisonous plants which can make human beings sick.


I learned some interesting information about clover from the tour guide. I usually see plenty of clover in the lawn in front of my apartment building and for fun sometimes look for 4-leaf clovers for luck . But I never knew clover was very helpful for agriculture. On the farm, clover is planted close to the crops to protect the soil from loss because of the wind and rain, and it can return nutrition to the soil, which is amazing.

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