Let’s Waste Some Time-Lulu Zhao


Last week, I went on a trip with my funny classmates and teacher .”Let’s go! It’s time to waste some time in Tarrytown,” with this, we started our wonderful trip to Tarrytown.

First,we met at 42nd-Grand Central,the most beautiful station I have ever seen, and took a train to Tarrytown in the afternoon.image

Laughing, chatting, playing filled our way there.As soon as we arrived, our teacher, Fiore, told us that the meaning of “tarry” is to waste some time. Additionally, we learned about the history of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow.CAM00520

Then, we went to a farm, Stone Barns,by car. When a wide meadow appeared, we were there. I haven’t been to a village and a farm like that since I came to New York. Usually, we live in a city full of buildings, houses, people, buses. While we were there,we were in a peaceful farm with the meadow,different types of animals,different types of plants and flowers.CAM00730

With a deep breath,we began exploring the farm. Next, our class separated into several groups, one of which followed the tour and the other one went on the way they wanted. Of course, I was in the latter group that went wherever we wanted. Murat, Steven and I were in a group.

After saying goodbye to our classmates and teacher, we went to the cafe shop and got some drinks. That store was not very big,but the design was really good, as well as the food and coffee there are amazing. Next, we went to a greenhouse where we witnessed many advanced techniques that I had never known about before.The plants and flowers there were like babies sleeping in a blanket.bWe had a lot of fun outside the greenhouse with the car.psb psb

Then,we saw some animal groups in different houses, like chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and cows.The funnest thing was Steven and Murat making some sounds to scare and communicate with the animals.88s

By leaving there,we stayed on a meadow and took some pictures because we were so tired after playing with the animals.


Half an hour later,we three began to find sheep because I wanted to.To our surprise,the funny part was Murat and Steven trying to help one chicken to get back to its place, instead of watching cute sheep.0800Later ,we went back and got together with our class. However, Fiore told us that we would walk back to the station by going through the forest. Even though we got lost many times and felt very tired by walking for long time,we had a lot of fun and saw great scenery on our way.


Two hours later,we finally got back to the town after going through Sleepy Hollow. This is the town that features many horror stories of people losing their heads. Finally, we arrived at the station.


We met a beautiful sunset at the station.

The sunset gave a perfect period to our unforgettable awesome trip.psb

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