Losing in green , by MRT


          Last week, we took a trip to Tarrytown to visit a farm. Our journey started at Grand Central Station by taking a train. After a 45-minute ride, we arrived at  the small beautiful city. Fiore, who was our guide, told about the history of Tarrytown. At the station, he mentioned that this city supplies water to New York City and had a historical importance for international trade with its harbor.

After that we took aIMG_8377 taxi and went to the farm. This farm was small for me when I compare it with the others which I had been to before. But I felt like I was in a green world. It has greenhouses,organic cultivation areas,a small cafe and farm animals such as chickens, chicks, pigs inside. During our tour we saw a chicken which was out of its cage. We tried to catch it but didn’t succeed. But it was still fun for us. We spent nearly 5 hours here and took lots of photos. We decided to go back on foot and we had opportunities to discover this town and get to know each other more. We arrived at the train station in 1.5 hours. It was quite an entertaining trip for me.

      I came to New York 3 moths ago . After living in Manhattan, this trip remembered me that the world has also green places to live 😀

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