Trip to Tarrytown – Sep / 11 / 15 hyungjune


Tarrytown Station

My classmates and I went to a small town called Tarrytown. We took a train from Grand Central Terminal which is on 42 St, Manhattan. It was the first time I have ever been north of Manhattan. My teacher said “Tarry” means “wasting time”. He said, in that town, a long time ago, there were many people who just hung out together and spent time freely. Last week, I also felt the town was very quiet, peaceful, and even clean. It was completely different from Manhattan, new york! In addition, it didn’t take too much time to get there. Before long, I will go there with my friends.
After getting there, we took a taxi and went to a small farm, an organic farm.

CAM00703 The photo of farm

Everything there was grown by organic farming. For me, the rotation of crops was very interesting. They change a place for each vegetable or fruit because each one needs different and specific nutrients and they don’t want to run out of nutrients in soil. Beside the farm there was a nice restaurant. It uses ingredients from that farm. So it’s very expensive. The teacher said it is one of the top 10 high end restaurants in the U.S.A.

On the way back

We decided to walk to back to the station. We didn’t know exactly  how to get there and even the teacher didn’t. But we had google maps and strong legs. That was enough to get to the station. The road back was beautiful. There was a beautiful forest, river and small hills. There was a nice sunset also. I loved it. About 7p.m. fives hours after we had arrived at the Tarrytown station, we were back there again. I loved the time we had.

On the train coming back

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