Unexpected Journey . by Vicky


  Last Friday, we went to Tarrytown by train to visit a farm calls Stone Barns. It is a famous farm because they deliver food to the restaurants which are famous for “from farm to table”. photo 4In addition, they have the best restaurant in the world. They offer healthy organic food. We joined a tour, and learned about how vegetables are grown very well. Farmers use a system which is called cover crop to plant vegetables. They do not plant the same species of vegetables at the same place forever. They remove the vegetables to a new place to plant constantly in order to avoid loss of nutrition of soil. Furthermore, we learned how they raise livestock to protect the vegetable and people. For instance, goats can eat all kinds of poisonous grass to protect people.photo

photo 2 After our visit, we went back to the train station on foot. It was a long way exploration because when I visit some place I always have plans in advance and know exactly the route I will go. However, we chose the road by instinct to explore the farm. We walked into a forest that we didn’t expect to see. Although the trip was tiring, it’s the first time I visited a new place without a plan and had a lot of fun. Moreover, I got to know my classmates a lot during this exploration.photo 3

This was the first time I visited a small town located north of Manhattan with my classmates of Hunter College together. I think we enjoyed it very much, and that was a good memory to all of us.

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