One Day Out of New York


First Stop – Main Street in Tarrytown


     The first stop of the trip is Tarrytown. The small and peaceful town welcomes the outsiders with warm greeting.  It’s one of the oldest towns in the US. Surrounded by forests and nearly no traffic, Tarrytown is a place to escape from the stress of the city.


Around the town, you can find restaurants, tea shops, select shops, and souvenir shops. They are all located on Main St.

For example, in “Pure Mountain”, you can find different types of olive oil and vinegar. Also, you can taste them with bread.


Second Stop – Stone Barns


The land in Stone Barns was originally owned by Rockefeller’s family. Now this place is owned by the US government. People can visit the farm and learn agricultural programs. In addition, one of the best restaurants in the US is on top of the mountain. The cuisine there is organic with the method called “from farm to table”.  It’s a good place to bring family. Parents can enjoy coffee and meals, while children can play with animals.

Third Stop – Gould’s Castle and Woods

1449985723645Gould’s castle is  in a really good location surrounded by forests and a river. Wedding ceremonies are often held there. When the sun goes down, shadow of the building seems like the scene in a horror movie.

IMG_2847.JPGThe experience walking inside the forest was amazing. Exposed in the darkness, the silence, and the mystery, we felt as if we are those characters in the movie expecting our destiny.

Last Stop – Dinner


After an exhausting day, we had the pleasure to enjoy Italian food in “IL SORRISO.” We spent a good time with our classmates. The food there was delicious and the wine was excellent.

The End



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