Trip To Tarrytown!


Tarrytown History


Tarry town is small town on the United State which is located the eastern shore of Hudson River. Even though the scale of the town is really small and the atmosphere of the town is pretty silence, this town has one of the longest history on the US.


The first resident of this town were Weckquaesgeeks Indians. Weckquaesgeeks were a peaceful tribe that were closely related with other tribes. According to the research, Tarry town was built in 1645; however, the exact location is not known. Before the appearance of Fredrick Philipse, it was difficult to find something special. However, After the appearance of this wealthy businessman, Tarry town became the largest town in 1681.

He controlled 22 miles of land from the Corton River , South Spuyten Duyvil and to the Hudson river. He also acquired 90,000 acres and built his house. Althogh he had enough money and power one this town he died 1702 unfortunately. And his son Adolph became “Lord of the Manor”.

by Min Gyu

Union Church


We visited a small church “Union Church”, which is Pocantico Hills, in our very last moment of the excursion. The professor told us the stained glass designed by Chagall. The church is 2 miles east of Tarrytown, NY. I didn’t expect I could find out the work of such a famous artist like Chagall in that small town.

Unfortunately it was closed and we couldn’t enter, but we could see the stained glass from out. After our visit I researched about this church. Then discovered that the stained glass was designed by not only Chagall but also other great artist, Matisse! Moreover, they say this work was Matisse’s last work before he died. I was impressed because Matisse was one of my favorite artists. The commission paid by Nelson Rockegeller, who well-known by the Rockefeller Center’s administrator. It’s nice of him.

by Kumika

Tarrytown Castle!

2015-12-11 164617



When I went to visited Tarrytown I never Imagined what a beautiful place it turned out to be. I liked it a lot because I got to experience visiting a new place. The Gothic Revival Mansion designed in the 1838 was a beautiful delicate mansion. Being the movie Sleepy Hollow filmed in the Tarrytown made us walk a long the town feeling curious and excited. Going to the cemetery also gave me the chills and goose bumps I liked how spooky I felt when thinking about how the headless horseman run around where I was walking around.  Visiting this town made us appreciate nature and feel a lot more peaceful than being in the city. I liked it a lot since it was a place where I clear our minds and see new interesting things.

by Gabrielle

Fun Fact!

New  York  City  gets  fresh  and  natural  water  not  too  far  away  from  the  city  in  upstate  only  125  miles  away.  Its  run  through  Tarrytown  for  miles  ,and  thanks  to  aqueduct  that  helps  water  that  come  from  all  those  reservoir  is  able  to  flow  naturally  into  the  city.



by Thanatip

Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

This farm used to be a part of the Rockefeller Estate, and now become the biggest education farm where people come from all around America study how to manage an organic farm in. They grow organic vegetables, and animals(12).

2015-12-11 153707

Hay Barn: Renovated from the real thing, now is education center.

2015-12-11 142904

2015-12-11 152946

Walkabout Map of Stone Barns

There is also one of the best restaurant in the world, Blue Hills(4). The restaurant is so good but also expensive, the average price of each person is more than 200 dollars. All the ingredients they used are totally organic and fresh from the Stone Barns Farm. They have one of the best meat quality in the town.

by Wenjia Cao




Lovely classmates



Professor Fiore is the best!!!

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