William Ruiz, a Trip to Grand Central.


Last Friday in our Oral Class, Mr. Fiore took us to Grand Central, the most important metro and train station of New York City.  It was open at the beginning of 20th century and it was built by Mr Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the most richest men in New York in those days.  He owned the railroads company, so he was able to create this station nos only as hub of his industrial operation, but also as a symbol of this power and wealth.

The station was built in the beaux art style, so it was a way to create an american architecture imitating the european classic style.  The building is full of details; when you are outside of the station you can appreciate the three big doors that welcoming you to the building.  In the top you will find a statue of  Hermes, the greek of good of commerce and thieves (what an irony!).

When you are inside of the building, you will experience this overwhelming feeling; it’s not only because the building is, in fact, beautiful but also for the energy you can feel inside.  One of the aspects that I remember the most is the amazing astronomical ceiling.  It looks like you can watch a piece of the blue sky and its stars, showing some constellations as Orion, Pisces, Cancer and Gemini, between others.    Also you will find this amazing candlesticks made of bronze, the marble stairs in the north and south, and the amazing watch located just in the center of the station.

But besides of the architecture of the building, personally there’s something that I found amazing.  While I was in the middle of the room, I saw all this people around me, moving in and our of the station, most of them knowing where they were going, others, as me, enjoying their time there and admiring the building.  It was like watching a dancing, with people moving up and down, everywhere.  Almost you can touch this vibrant energy of the city, moving around us.  I think in some way, Grand Station is the true heart of New York, pumping in and out newyorkers every single day.


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