An American Icon? A Transportation Depot? Both! by Miriam J Weinstein

Who would ever think that a transportation depot would become an American Icon?! And yet, as is the case with Grand Central Terminal, this is exactly what happened.  grand-alamy_2467882b
Wikipedia tells us that on its first day in operation in 1913, “150,000 commuters had passed through its doors and the world’s largest train station continues to impress over 100 years later, with more than 750,000 visitors every day—that’s four times the traffic New York’s JFK Airport handles!” Impressive statistics to say the least. And absolutely a site to be seen. There is so much beauty, and yet so much mystery to be discovered in this place.
On our recent outing there with Professor Sireci, we learned more than a few new things! Have you been to the Campbell Apartment? Do you know about the Whispering Gallery? And have you heard about the secret passageways below the terminal? Apparently they connect the terminal to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and were meant to aid Presidents in making a secret escape, need be. And what of the ceiling panorama in the main terminal? Apparently the stars in this celestial depiction are painted with 23-karat gold (not 24-karat gold)? I certainly did not! Most importantly, did you know that Avi and I had pizza in the food concourse below the main level, and that it was white pizza?! I wonder… what other secrets are lurking about at this American Icon, Grand Central Terminal?

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