Experiences in Ieli classes by Paula



        Different countries, cultures, religions and foods were shared together with my classmates in this Spring I 2016. Also, many experiences are diverse around the world and here we had the opportunity to enjoy with international students that came with the same purpose as me, “Learn English”. It is a unique occasion that helps you to improve your English and discover new folks. However, learning another language was not the only anecdote or memory that I have had in my mind and heart, but also trying to understand a new culture. It has been amazing to be around the people of various ages. Also the professors encouraged us to learn in multiple ways such us as writing, reading and speaking of numerous topics. On the other hand, I had the chance to know about History of United States in nineteenth century through the book The New Colossus that I read during the class. At the beginning it was a little hard to understand but, then I got immersed in the story and I could use my imagination to make it real in my mind, and took place at that time. This experience was fabulous because it reawakened the love that I have for literature. After that I had the opportunity to know some small towns of the book. At the end of the semester we went to Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Irvington.

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