Getting out of the city with Fiore by Joao Pontedeiro


This class was the best English class that I have ever had. It was not like theĀ regular English classes, where you stay in the classroom just reading and speaking. In every class I learned something new about U.S history, culture and paradigms. Moreover, we had several outside classes, which were the best classes. For example, we went to museums, landmarks and small towns outside New York City.

The classĀ that I enjoyed mostĀ was when we went outside NY to Irvington, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. On this small trip we went to Gould`s mansion, which was owned by Jay GouldĀ who owned elevated trains in New York City, Stone Barns, which is a famous farm that growsĀ sustainable and organic food. We also took a long walk into the woods, which was the most exciting part of this trip for me. While I was walking in the woods, I remembered my hometown in Brazil, which brought back very good memories. In the end we got ā€œlostā€, and it was very funny. I had a great time and could turn off the rushed and noisy life of New York City.

I just wanted to thank Fiore for sharing his knowledge and experience with us. I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot. I will miss this class, and I hope I have more teachers like Fiore, who know how to teach and transmit knowledge with mastery.

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