My Favorite Experience —Linwei Dai


         This semester, I have taken an oral class which has various kinds of actives such as, watching My Cousin Vinny, going to the Tarrytown, and visiting Grand Central Station. We also have watched different genres of clips. After I had watched the clips, I knew who Bill Cunningham is and who designed the skeleton of the Statue. I have a lot of unforgettable memories in class, but we visited the Museum of the City New York that gives me a deep impression because I can learn knowledge about the history of the City of New York, 1609 to today. The museum introduces the living conditions of people and the social status is unequal in the 19th century. I know the poor had bad living conditions and the gap between the rich and the poor in New York City in the old days. I think visit the museum can helps me understand more about the true history of the New York City and how people lived in the past.Finally, I want to thank you for teaching me the different things.

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